Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Workbook and 3x3 Annual No. 10

Spring Workbook 2014

3x3 Annual No. 10

New travel-themed promo pages out there now!

Where would you like to go today?

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Because we all know who really does all the work around here. : ) 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Light & Sound


Our story begins with a girl folding origami.

Jasper and Jim experimenting with the pitch of sound.

In books 3 and 4 of the Science Adventure series, young readers explore the science behind light and sound. You can find them on Amazon or at Capstone's website here.  It's been a true pleasure illustrating these books, thank you Ashlee and Nathan for the rewarding collaboration. Also, heartfelt thanks to those friends and family who ordered sets for your children and students, your enthusiasm and support means the world. I hope the books make for hours of curiosity and fun.
Now howabout we make some noise?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Glowing with Electricity

by Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Illustrations by Jamey Christoph
Graphic Design by Ashlee Suker

Glenda's home, a farm house in the country. 

Molly tells Glenda about alternative sources of power.

Molly and Glenda talk about power lines.

Book two in the Origami Science Adventure series, and probably my favorite of the second batch- two fireflies, Glenda and Molly, learn all about electricity, including alternative energy sources.