Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New York Times




*concept sketches

Hey check out today's NY Times! I have a cover illustration in the business section accompanying an article by Andrew Ross Sorkin, concerning Wall Street and it's impact on the rest of the world.  Obviously, I am beyond psyched about this one and want to extend a huge thanks to AD, Uong Minh for this opportunity, and for his great eye and sage art direction.  I'm also posting my sketches for the job. As you can see, the first version was oriented more vertically and the borders vignetted in an oval shape.  Expanding the 'epic' skyline to the full page was definitely the right call.

You can see the full article on the NY Times website here.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hey! Check out Eye-Likey, I'm so happy to be their current featured artist.  We did a Q&A and everything! The best part, all of the amazing and inspiring talent gathered together in one super designed spot.  It's my new favorite blog! To see go here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NYC skyline

I created this stacked cityscape by piecing together parts from a NYC kids travel journal I recently completed. When I get the time, I'd like to expand the scene horizontally and add more buildings, filling the entire screen!

Monday, November 12, 2012

baking is an Art

buttermilk doughnuts with powdered sugar
Are you guys familiar with Stonewall Kitchen? The charming kitchen supply and specialty foods retailer out of York, Maine.  We are huge fans of their entire line of homemade doughnuts and made these yesterday for breakfast. As someone who takes baked goods very seriously, I was very happy with how these turned out and had to snap a shot with my phone in the morning light. : )

My Favorites:
1. Blueberry Glazed
2. Pumpkin with Maple Glazed
3. Cinnamon and Sugar

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Asheville Fall 2012

Asheville, NC
I always have so much fun playing around in ivideo.  Here is my latest little project, videos and pics set to music, from our recent trip to Asheville, NC. I LOVE this little bohemian town nestled in the mountains!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

sneak peak at my new children's book


I wanted to share a little preview of a children's book series, I just wrapped up for Capstone Press. Each of these stories are centered around a quirky origami character, and offer a fun take on the science of our everyday world. The samples here are from the first book, in which a 'dirt diggin' pup and his earthworm friend, explore the ecosystem of a traditional Japanese garden. More info and samples to come!

While working on the project, I came to rely on some great origami resources online. Check out the following links.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

National Trust for Historic Preservation

full landscape

west coast

east coast

 interior scene

 farm scene detail

 Golden Gate bridge detail

 western scene detail

NTHP Promotional Materials: folders, business cards, note cards, and banners
design: Mila Arrisueno
illustration: Jamey Christoph 


We also developed a storyboard concept with an animated version of the NTHP logo for internal use. I'm hoping we will develop it further, down the road.

This was a very cool job for an organization very near and dear, The National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Collaborating with Mary, Creative Director at NTHP and Mila, Art Director at Grafik here in Alexandria, we created a collection of 'bright and sunny' scenic illustrations to freshen up the NTHP identity. The challenge was unique, to design a sort of super landscape composed of historic elements from the eastern shore line, the interior, and west coast of the country. It was designed to work in its entirety (potential mural) or as individual scenes for use in publications and promotional material. After a lot of hard work,  I'm happy to share our efforts here today - heartfelt thank you to Mary and Mila for the incredible opportunity.  

Let's save and treasure our beautiful historic buildings and sites!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Workbook 2012


Just got the Fall Workbook in the mail and wanted to share here, along with my page from the Spring Workbook.  Very nice page design and layout Pat and Piper! I like how the script lettering contrasts with the clean design, kudos to graphic designer, George Zipparo!

Friday, September 14, 2012

morning views of Washington

August 19, 2012
I wanted to share a few other photos I recently shot of the Washington skyline. My day began insanely early that morning, thanks to my restless dogs.  Rather than watch tv, I grabbed my camera and headed out for a morning drive.  I'm not usually an early riser, but this felt like a special occasion and I would soon discover why.  As I walked up the hill to the Netherlands Carillon and looked down at the view of the city, all I could see were clusters of colorful flowers everywhere! Jackpot! Minutes later, I was almost giddy, laying in the slick grass to get the best angles. Visually, it was almost overwhelming, the way foreground colors and textures were relating to the day breaking sky. Each flower seemed to lend something different to the iconic DC skyline.  Sure it was way too early in the morning and the white polo (I was wearing) will probably never be as bright white, but these pics made it all worth while. : )

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cursive Writing: Around the World in 26 Letters

Royal Yacht, Britannia

The Acropolis, Athens
The Great Wall of China, Bejing
The Temple of Heaven, Bejing

Tokyo Subway

Gandan Monastery, Ulaanbaatar

Jeepney Street Scene, Manilla

Olmec Head

Ha' penny Bridge, Dublin
Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh
Uspenski Cathedra, Helsinki

National Monument of Pakistan, Islamabad
The Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall, Jerusalem
Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, Prague

Hundertwasserhaus Apartments, Vienna

St. Mark's Church, Zagreb

Yay! The georgraphy themed handwriting book I mentioned a while back, was just released!  You can find it on Amazon here.  So much hard work went into it, it's a treat to see in print.  BIG THANK YOU to Merideth at Sterling for this opportunity! You can order copies here.