Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dream City

I wanted the place to have a sort of updated 'Arcadia' feel, like beautiful 18th century landscapes

Welcome Center Concept
Campus concept (I have to admit this one is heavily inspired from Cornell's beautiful clock tower)
Meditation Park concept

Early concept: Art director Mick McCarthy

These visuals were developed for an online health and wellness community concept.  Visitors to the site would navigate through a Welcome Center, campus, library, park, etc.. My stuff can sometimes get a little static, so I tried to give everything a sweeping, lyrical quality and feel. A place your mind could escape to for clarity and a little r&r. In the end, the clients decided to go in a photo direction. So if there's anyone out there in need of illustrations for a dream city, I have a few options ready to go!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your dream city images, Jamey. As always, your illustrations are amazing & lovely. I used to live near Cornell and my (smarty pants) sister attended the university so your campus clock tower image looks quite familiar to me. Cornell's campus is the quintessential college campus.

Jamey Christoph said...

Oh very cool Leigh Ann, that's exactly why I liked it. it's the quintessential university clock tower, and with these beautiful clean lines. I'd love to make it up sometime to explore. Ha! Idk, you seem to have a pair or two of smarty pants yourself. ; )

Unknown said...

Thanks Jamey. Right now I can't get those two 'smarty pants' in the house to practice cello! At least they are outside and I get to re-watch last Sunday's Man Men! ;)

Jamey Christoph said...

Ha! No I meant you! You're the smarty with all the interesting comments. Glad you had a chance to rewatch Madmen - this season is getting crazy!