Friday, May 17, 2013

NYC kids travel journals





I created these bright and colorful NYC themed travel journals a few months back for Mudpuppy and they're out just in time for Summer! BIG THANK YOU to Cynthia, for the great direction and all the fun work - such a cool idea for younger travelers and those young at heart alike. Both are available for pre-order on amazon, here and here. 


Galina Yoho said...

Hi, Jamey!
I sent you the email with the request to make the scheme for embroidery according to your drawing, but you did not answer. I did it without your permission.
If you are against it, I'll delete my post in the blog.
Advance I apologize.
Best regards.

My email:

Hello, Jamey!

I really like your picture "London". I found it to Pinterest, and then found your blog and am very glad that I can write to you.
I'm interested in cross-stitch, I have a blog with my work
I also like to do most schemes for cross stitch, and I post them for free on his blog.
I made a chart of your drawing "London" and I want to embroider it.
I ask for your permission to post in the blog of the scheme on your drawing to everyone who wants to, can embroider.
I certainly will post information about you, your blog, drawings, authorship.
Please forgive my English, I used Google translator.

Best regards.

Jamey Christoph said...

Hi Galina!
I just wanted to say, I never got your original email but I LOVE the embroidery you were able to create from my London illustration. I will respond in more detail through email. Thank you, you are so sweet!

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