Monday, March 12, 2012

national arboretum

capital detail, yep I shimmied up a column to get a better look! ; )

Bonsai Tree

Capitol dome and DC on the horizon

Gorgeous weather and restless dogs led us (finally) to the National Arboretum this past weekend. Of course, my favorite feature, (pictured here) is the freestanding Corinthian colonnade prominently atop a hill at the center of the park. Against the blue sky, these giant columns feel like something out of a surrealist painting. ...or at least Athenian ruins. As with everything in this city, there is a historic back story. These sandstone pillars originally supported the U.S. Capitol's east portico (1828), but were replaced with marble columns during an expansion in the 60's. As you can also see, the trees and flowers are just beginning to blossom - there's a sweetness in the air that lifts your spirits a little. Hope you're enjoying the same!

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