Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the Frustrated Artist (home movie)

With all the buzz out there around the silent film the Artist, I thought this would be a good time (and perhaps the only) to share with you this home movie I made in my parent's backyard in 1992. I grew up idolizing the silent greats, especially Chaplin, who is obviously my inspiration for this somewhat lengthy, but noble effort. Ha! I was 12! Anyhow, when I was last at home I converted all the old tapes to dvd, edited what you see here in imovie, and used the 8mm app to give it that vintage feel. Hope you enjoy!

p.s. let's make a movie sometime : )


PJ said...

I especially love when you Finesse the Flowers.

Jamey Christoph said...

LOL! Thanks Pierre, I know... I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking peering over the fence... : )