Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Christoph's: Grandpa

The Christoph's of Erie, PA, are an untapped literary goldmine. You wouldn't believe the stories... But before we get into that, I want to focus on the cast of characters. I introduce to you Frank Christoph, the patriarch of the family, avid train enthusiast, and honorary city council member. He prided himself in his collection of stamps, lps, model trains, and lava lamps. Stern, Teutonic (I know I'm being redundant there), and possessing a biting wit, Grandpa was a proud union man and FDR Democrat. I knew him at the end of his life, when diabetes had taken his eye sight and hardened his shell, but deep inside, pumping insulin throughout his giant frame, was a heart of gold. In addition to raising eight children, he and my Grandma cared for 63 foster children. More to come!

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Unknown said...

I stumbled on this purely by accident a few days ago. Your portrayal of our grandpa is wonderful, and reminds me how lucky I was to grow up so close to our grandparents.

Your cousin,