Wednesday, January 23, 2013

from the desk at Lindgren Smith

 L&S title page in 2013 Directory of Illustration

Script lettering options

*sketch concepts

 L&S logos

 *L&S logo concepts

I've recently worked with my illustration reps, Pat and Piper to develop some fun new promotional work for the agency.  For the Directory of Illustration cover, I included the sketch options I presented, just to show the process and how it came together.  More recently, we worked to develop new logos for use with social networking, Facebook, Twitter, etc. As an illustrator, my first thought was to come up with icon ideas for the logo, fashion objects, NYC related subject matter, some of the ideas I communicated to Pat over the phone got a little complicated.  But in response, she said, "Hmm, actually Jamey, let's just keep it clean and simple."  Keeping that request in mind,  I think we came up with some really sharp options.  To see some of the fun things happening at Lindgren and Smith, check out the L&S blog here.

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