Sunday, October 7, 2012

National Trust for Historic Preservation

full landscape

west coast

east coast

 interior scene

 farm scene detail

 Golden Gate bridge detail

 western scene detail

NTHP Promotional Materials: folders, business cards, note cards, and banners
design: Mila Arrisueno
illustration: Jamey Christoph 


We also developed a storyboard concept with an animated version of the NTHP logo for internal use. I'm hoping we will develop it further, down the road.

This was a very cool job for an organization very near and dear, The National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Collaborating with Mary, Creative Director at NTHP and Mila, Art Director at Grafik here in Alexandria, we created a collection of 'bright and sunny' scenic illustrations to freshen up the NTHP identity. The challenge was unique, to design a sort of super landscape composed of historic elements from the eastern shore line, the interior, and west coast of the country. It was designed to work in its entirety (potential mural) or as individual scenes for use in publications and promotional material. After a lot of hard work,  I'm happy to share our efforts here today - heartfelt thank you to Mary and Mila for the incredible opportunity.  

Let's save and treasure our beautiful historic buildings and sites!


Shishir Naik said...

Bunch of beautiful landscape illustrations here again! Would love to see animated version of it.
Received the copy today of Cursive writing book you illustrated. It’s a real visual treat. Hard work and efforts seems you have taken for each and every illustration.
Please publish your Artbook someday.

Jamey Christoph said...

Oh thank you Shishir! So cool you bought the cursive book too! I've thought about self-publishing something but I don't have very much experience with it, beyond iphoto books. I'll have to look into it.
: )

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful post. The National Trust for Historic Preservation provides leadership, education and advocacy to save America's diverse historic places and revitalize our communities.

Landscaping Virginia

Jamey Christoph said...

Thank you Kenzie, you are so right and speak so well of the organization. It's core mission is something I've long been passionate about. I think back to my childhood in Raleigh, NC and eagerly visiting the old state house with my Mom. More recently, I used to live near the NTHP building in Dupont, often walking past it with my dogs. It was such a special opportunity to get to collaborate with the Trust on this project!