Friday, September 14, 2012

morning views of Washington

August 19, 2012
I wanted to share a few other photos I recently shot of the Washington skyline. My day began insanely early that morning, thanks to my restless dogs.  Rather than watch tv, I grabbed my camera and headed out for a morning drive.  I'm not usually an early riser, but this felt like a special occasion and I would soon discover why.  As I walked up the hill to the Netherlands Carillon and looked down at the view of the city, all I could see were clusters of colorful flowers everywhere! Jackpot! Minutes later, I was almost giddy, laying in the slick grass to get the best angles. Visually, it was almost overwhelming, the way foreground colors and textures were relating to the day breaking sky. Each flower seemed to lend something different to the iconic DC skyline.  Sure it was way too early in the morning and the white polo (I was wearing) will probably never be as bright white, but these pics made it all worth while. : )

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