Thursday, July 21, 2011

where shopping is a pleasure

I've been back in Florida for a bit and found these out on the gift card rack at Publix. I worked on this a while back, but never saw the final product. To all those, who haven't had the benefit of shopping at the quintessentially Floridan grocery store chain, they rock! ..and I hope to get to work with them again. : )


sunlovey said...

was MY pleasure explaining to the cashier how i wanted to take one of these fab little gift cards for future use... ;-)

Jamey Christoph said...

Ha! Thanks for stepping up and proving that 'first born' assertiveness once again sis! ; ) I tried using our technique a couple days later to get a few more, and this particular old lady cashier shot me down. "You'll have to load these here (not in South Florida) ...No you can't just put a dollar on them sir." Oh well. : )