Monday, January 3, 2011

we'll miss you dearly Corey...

...your ethereal landscapes, your crazy pranks, and most of all
your hysterical wit and infectious laugh.
Peace and love

South 49, Corey Parker 2009

taking in a game, 2007

off to another two-hour AG lunch!

Walking up with Michael and Corey, Creative Picnic 2008

To see more of Corey's work check out his blog - also view his monoprint landscape series at ilikey.


salli s. swindell said...

awww jamey, what a sincerely beautiful posting and lovely way to honor corey. this brings more tears. wonderful photos...

test said...

This is such terrible sad news. We had many fun lunch hour skates in Brooklyn. Goodbye Corey.

Thanks for posting this tribute to a great artist and such funny guy.

Lynn :-) said...

beautiful tribute to a beautiful person ♥ it's great to see all the photos of the relationships Corey had with various people- a sweet spirit