Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Obamas hop the pond!

I'm not sure if you caught the coverage of President Obama's European tour last week but what-a-trip! Sure there were a few bumps in the U.K., but if you're ever attended an Episcopal church service (formerly the Church of England here in the states), you know how nerve-racking all the protocol can be. I'm not usually into doing caricatures, but when I saw this pic, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity. They were all just standing there so awkwardly, so full of character. The Queen looking like a upside down tulip dripping in diamonds, the President like some groomsmen in an ill fitting tux, Michelle as gorgeous as ever in Tom Ford, and Prince Phillip... well, very much looking the part... Ha! What a party!?

I'm also posting my favorite pic from the trip. Obama rediscovering his 'roots' in Ireland. Not afraid to be seen enjoying 'one' in public, he gets my vote next time around! ; )

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